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This Infrastructure Index provides an effective tool for identifying the most promising markets for infrastructure investment, by allowing a refined analysis based on the comparison of specific factors, such us political stability and ease of doing business among different jurisdictions. The methodology adopted in the 2017 edition of this report has been retained and updated to reflect global market developments and incorporate a broader set of jurisdictions (which went from 40 in 2017 to 50 in 2019).

The commentary provided in this report offers a regional context for our findings, also considering major themes in the industry, track-records and project pipelines.  

The parameters of the Index are based on the following six main indicators and further sub-indicators, as shown below:

  • Economic status 
  • Sustainability and innovation 
  • Tax environment
  • Political stability 
  • Ease of doing business 
  • Private participation 

All of these are weighted as follows:

Economic status (28%):

  • Annual trade (% of GDP): 4%
  • Credit rating and outlook: 19%
  • Interest rates: 5%

Sustainability and innovation (16.5%):

  • Environmental performance: 5%
  • Innovation: 2.5%
  • Quality and condition of infrastructure: 9%

Tax environment (7%):

  • Corporate tax rate 3%
  • Resource drain 1%
  • Complexity 3%

Political stability (19.5%):

  • Governance and stability 10%
  • Rule of law 2%
  • Regulatory stability 7.5%

Ease of doing business (12%):

  • Transparency/corruption 5%
  • Ease of doing business 7%

Private participation (17%):

  • Government support 5%
  • Gross fixed capital formation 2% 
  • Private investment 10%

About inspiratia

inspiratia is a pre-eminent and trusted source of global data, analytics, news and events for the renewable energy and infrastructure sectors since 2010. Its forward-looking and in-depth analyses of markets, tracking key trends and industry dynamics are sought after by leading practitioners globally including leading developers, banks, investors, infrastructure funds and advisers and increasingly new market entrants such as corporates and technology providers.

inspiratia produces a daily news and analysis service for both infrastructure and renewable energy markets. inspiratia has a dedicated team of analysts who undertake bespoke research and analysis, including transaction support, for its global client base.

The commercial, financial and economic content produced by inspiratia is complimented by a global programme of briefings, roundtables, webinars and conferences, chaired by our industry experts.

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