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Quick Guide: Renewable Energy and Green Hydrogen Regulation in Peru: Regulatory...
At present, the regulatory framework for renewable energies is being strengthene. From Law 28832 - Law to Ensure Efficient Electric Generation Development, a set of regulations has been developed to...
CMS Soil and Groundwater Contamination Guide
From the 1970s onwards, soil and groundwater contamination has become an increasingly important regulatory issue. However, there are still no uniform regulations. Numerous sets of rules have been developed...
Connected Future
Tech­no­logy-driv­en transformations are not only disrupting our everyday lives but are also radically transforming the infrastructure sector. On the one hand, innovation is driving an upgrade of existing...
CMS Guide to tax regimes in Central and Eastern Europe
The CMS Guide to tax regimes in Central and Eastern Europe is one of the fruits of our close cooperation within the region. It offers a unique overview of the tax systems of 13 countries in an informative...
CMS Guide to Pensions
CMS Employment Practice Area Group is pleased to present the fourth edition of the Guide to Pensions. Our aim has been to provide an overview of the key legal requirements relating to pension provision...
CMS Guide to Dismissals
In the world of the total globalization, there are still considerable differences in the labour laws of individual countries, caused by their different economic, historical and political contexts. Businesses...
Overview of retail lease agreements
This guide summarises the main provisions applicable to retail lease agreements across a number of CMS jurisdictions
Latin America Quarterly Energy Update April 2017
The new Latin America Quarterly Energy Update including hot topics and developments in the energy industry in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, is now available for download. Download the PDF...