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Agnieszka Skorupińska


CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang Pośniak i Bejm sp.k.
Warsaw Financial Centre
ul. Emilii Plater 53
00-113 Warsaw
Languages Polish, English, German

Agnieszka is an advocate and a counsel heading the Environmental Law Practice in Poland and CEE. She is a qualified advocate with 10 years of experience and specialises in Polish and EU environmental protection and natural resources law. Agnieszka advises companies on regulatory issues, investment projects, environmental aspects of real property transactions, mergers and acquisitions as well as financing investments. For many years she has successfully represented clients in administrative and court proceedings concerning environmental protection law.

Agnieszka’s experience includes projects concerning historical soil and groundwater contamination, environmental damage, preliminary reports, environmental impact assessments, air protection, including adjustment to emission standards specified in IED and BAT conclusions and obtaining derogations from such standards, issues related to CO2 emissions, obtaining environmental permits, including integrated permits, waste and water management, noise and REACH.

As an advisor she has successfully represented companies from the energy, chemical, construction, waste management, FMCG, water supply and sewerage, renewable energy sources, mining, automobile, clothing and food sectors.

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"She understands our business needs and is able to give clear advice."

Chambers, 2017

Relevant experience

  • International chemical company in relation to advice and representation in a complex process of obtaining environmental permits, including IPPC permit, for newly build chemical plant the operation of which was blocked by environmental NGOs.
  • International energy generator in relation to advice and representation in a complex process of obtaining amendment to the IPPC permit despite opposition of environmental NGOs.
  • International corporation in relation to advice concerning construction of coal power plant, including process of obtaining EIA decision in face of opposition of environmental NGOs.
  • Polish leading energy generator in relation to possible change of business model and possible sale of assets from the perspective of the existing IPPC permits, obtaining new investments permits and addressing the contamination issues.
  • International energy generator in relation to possibility of obtaining free CO2 emission allowances for new investments and the need to adapt these investments to BAT conclusions for LCP.
  • Numerous companies from energy, chemical and food sector in relation to adjustment to strict air emission standards imposed by IED and the possibility to obtain derogations.
  • German investor in relation to development of municipal waste treatment facility (RIPOK).
  • Significant energy generator in relation to advice and representation in administrative procedures concerning soil and groundwater remediation as well as in negotiations on sale of real estate with respect to remediation issues.
  • Numerous companies from energy, chemical and development sector in relation to obtaining waiver from remediation, preparation of baseline reports and environmental insurance.
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  • 2013 - Postgraduate Study of legal and economic aspects of the investment process, Warsaw School of Economics
  • 2011 - Advocate (adwokat), District Chamber of Advocates, Warsaw
  • 2008 - Postgraduate Study of Environmental Protection Law, Wrocław University
  • 2007 - Master of Laws (summa cum laude), Warsaw University
  • 2007 - Deutsche Rechtsschule (magna cum laude), Warsaw University in cooperation with Bonn University
  • 2006 - Centre for English and European Law (magna cum laude), Warsaw University in cooperation with Cambridge University
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  • The District Bar Council in Warsaw
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