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CMS Guide to Anti-bribery and Corruption Laws


We are delighted to present the third edition of the CMS Guide to Anti-Bribery and Corruption Laws. Since the last edition was published in summer 2011, there have been significant changes to the global anti-corruption landscape. Many of the countries covered in the following pages have updated, strengthened and widened the scope of their anti-corruption laws.

This edition of the Guide now assesses the laws in 26 countries and includes full coverage of the BRIC nations. (We are very grateful to Khaitan & Co, the leading Indian law firm with offices in Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore, for contributing the section on India.)

Since the last edition, Austria has completely overhauled its anti-corruption laws. Other countries have strengthened elements of their existing regimes. For example, in the Czech Republic, legal entities can now be liable for corruption offences for the first time. Notably, Brazil is one of the few countries where organisations cannot be directly liable for such offences, although proposed new laws would provide for corporate liability and the possibility of fines up to 30% of turnover in the worst cases.

To read the guide in full, please download the PDF.

CMS Guide to Anti-bribery and Corruption Laws


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