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"Polish Companies in the German Market – Challenges, Chances and Opportunities" – a new report co-authored by CMS


"Polish Companies in the German Market – Challenges, Chances and Opportunities" is a report on the prospects and experience gained from Polish companies’ expansion in the German market.

The publication was co-authored by CMS, leading Polish bank PKO BP and the Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Poland), based on a survey conducted among Polish companies operating in Germany.

The publication presents the following conclusions:

  • Increasingly stronger economic ties between Poland and Germany and the desire to gain access to new markets and customers encourage Polish companies to engage capital in the German market.
  • Most Polish entrepreneurs mention the transport, communication, IT and power infrastructure as factors that make Germany an attractive business environment.
  • Labour costs are the largest barrier to companies operating in the German market.
  • 97% of Polish entrepreneurs would choose Germany again as the target location for their investments.

The purpose of the survey was to assess the prospects for Germany’s economic development from the perspective of Polish companies active in that market and to compare their experiences from going international.

The report discusses, among other things, the basic M&A aspects and the key legal issues connected with running a business, providing practical guidance to entrepreneurs intending to set up a business in Germany.

CMS has recently advised on the acquisition of a German company by the Polish group Medort, a producer of orthopaedic and rehabilitation equipment.

You can download copy of the report in PDF format below. Please note that the report is only available in Polish and German.

Raport polskie firmy na niemieckim rynku
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