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Real Estate in 2013: Hot topics and legal developments in CEE


In the current Real Estate market and challenging conditions in many countries across Central and Eastern Europe, it is important to stay up to date with the latest legal developments affecting your business in the region. Our CEE Real Estate & Construction team has put together an overview of the most important legal developments and hot topics for real estate in 2013 across the region, focusing on Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine. Some of these changes may open up new business opportunities; others may make the business environment more regulated in favour of other interests.

2013 will be a landmark year for the real estate law especially in the Czech Republic, where the new regulation on Civil Code, to come into force in 2014, will be in the making. For the real estate sector the new Civil Code will introduce a number of new legal institutions, some of which are currently missing to those working in Western Europe, and in some other CEE jurisdictions. New Civil Code will also bring important changes in the real estate law in Hungary. In Romania, new provisions brought by the changes in Civil Code will now be introduced in the real estate law, as well.

Across the remaining countries, a lot is happening for individuals and investors in the region – we have looked at the current and upcoming hot topics with our sector specialists offering a practical view on what to be aware of when driving your business forward in 2013.

To read the guide in full, please download the PDF.

Real Estate in 2013: Hot topics and legal developments in CEE
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