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Sustainable innovation

Climate Action App

Our in-house development team not only works on innovative applications to support the delivery of legal services to clients, but created the ‘Test The Temperature’ carbon footprint app for our own people.

Rolled out to 3,200 work mobile phones across the firm. The app is designed to help us think about our individual carbon footprints whilst also highlighting some of the things we are doing in the firm. The firm has committed to planting a tree for every person who completes the app and commits to improving their score by 10% over a 3-month period. Together with gamifying the offsetting of its printing, the firm has planted over 4,000 trees in Europe and the Amazon thanks to a partnership with PrintReleaf.

We are now able to offer the ‘Test The Temperature’ app to clients as a fun tool to help them engage with their people to support carbon reduction.

climate change app mobile phone screenshots

ESG Clause Audit

Using the latest AI technology CMS is conducting an audit of its contracts across key sectors and areas of law to identify trends and opportunities for refinement in clauses associated with climate change and ESG.

This is helping us build unique insights into the impact of climate change on the regulatory and commercial environment. It also gives us the opportunity to identify areas where contract automation and time saving may be possible to benefit clients.

As this project evolves we will be able to share the technology with clients to support them in achieving similar legal efficiencies and insight.

ESG clause audit graphs

ESG Regulatory Tracker

As legislation around climate change and sustainability proliferates, anticipating change is vital.

This has been then impetus for CMS creating a dedicated regulatory tracker for clients across multiple sectors and jurisdictions to alert them to consultations, new regulations and changes to legislation related to climate change and sustainability.

The tracker helps us deliver the very latest insight and early warning on relevant regulations to help in-house legal departments prepare their organisations in advance.

ESG regulatory tracker
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