Portugal attracts many individuals and investors to its economic, legal and tax environment. As well as the quality of life offered by its exceptional location, mild climate and safe environment for both people and property, Portugal offers residents a dynamic and international setting with a unique legal and tax framework.

Whatever your opportunities or challenges, our dedicated team understands your needs and works to strategically define tailored solutions.

Range of services:

1. EU, EEA and Swiss Citizens

All European and related citizens (EEA, Swiss Citizens, etc.) who move to Portugal have the obligation to register with the municipality where they reside. From this registration result rights, both for European citizens and their relatives from Third Countries, who may request a residence card.

Our team has extensive experience in the whole regularization process with the City Councils, Foreigners and Borders Service ("SEF"), National Health Service, Tax Authority and Social Security.

2. Portugal Residence Permits For Non-EU/EEA/Swiss Citizens

Non-European citizens are required to obtain a visa if they intend to stay more than 90 days in Portugal. After five years of legal residence in Portugal, they may, once the requirements are met, apply for Portuguese nationality.

Our team accumulated experience in all procedures and dynamics with Embassies, Consulates, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SEF and registers (regarding nationality processes). The following are the most relevant processes:

  • Golden Visa: we have been working with Golden Visa since 2012 (when the program started) in all modalities of Golden Visa, with special focus on real estate investment and venture capital funds. Regarding venture capital funds, we have a very integrated and in-depth view of the market, since we have helped to set up several of these funds and we are involved in setting up many others.
  • Visas and Work Permits: both for highly qualified and unqualified activity (requiring the unqualified an initial work proposal on the IEFP electronic platform in which we also have extensive experience).
  • D7 Visas and Residence Permits: special processes for retirees and people who intend to live, in Portugal, on their own income.
  • D2 Visas and Residence Permits: self-employed workers and through the constitution of companies.
  • Visas and Residence Permits Requests for Expression of Interest: for workers who are in Portugal without a visa but still have a regular labour, tax and parafiscal situation.
  • Nationality requests: all modalities, including Sephardic Jews.

We have an in-depth knowledge of how immigration law applies in practice across different markets and with cross-disciplinary teams, we work to provide advice close to our clients’ needs.


Golden Visa
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