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Africa is the second largest continent. With a population of 1.3 billion people and a territory of 30.3 billion square kilometers, it is home to some of the fastest growing economies.

But Africa is not one country. It is rather 54 countries with a great geographic, cultural, linguistic, religious, economic and legal diversity. And so there is no single formula on how to do business in Africa, and investors will need to understand the characteristics of each country, which go far beyond the law. The Lusophone Africa countries of Angola, Cape-Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe all have strong cultural and linguistic ties, representing a population of 62 million people and a territory of almost 2 million square kilometres.

CMS has a team of over 4,800 lawyers and presence in more than 70 cities and 43 countries. Growing and expanding its presence in Africa has been at the core of CMS’ goals for some years now, resulting in offices in some of the largest African countries, including Algeria, Angola, Morocco, Kenya and South Africa.

CMS Portugal has structured its presence in the Portuguese speaking African countries where the culture, language, history and civil law legal system created and still maintains very close ties with Portugal. With the support of all CMS offices worldwide and strong relationships with the best professionals on the ground, our Lusophone Africa Team has for many years
been successfully advising our clients in Angola, Cape-Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and São Tomé and Príncipe. More important, our clients can also count on our expert local knowledge and a deep understanding of the culture, customs and practices.

LBR Advogados is the exclusive partner of CMS Portugal in Angola: lbr-legal.com.

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The International Desk Team

CMS Portugal has been helping clients succeed in Lusophone Africa for over 30 years, advising across all major industry sectors. Our clients benefit from the expertise and experience of our market-leading practices and one-stop direct access to high quality, coordinated and multi-jurisdictional legal advice across the continent and beyond.

The Lusophone Africa Team advises national and international clients in three different stages:

I - investment planning
II - development phase
III - legal day to day counsel


Portrait of Alberto Galhardo Simões
Alberto Galhardo Simões
Portrait of Nuno Mansilha
Nuno Mansilha
Managing Associate
Portrait of Tiago Machado Graça
Tiago Machado Graça
Managing Associate
Portrait of Joana Brito Paulo
Joana Brito Paulo
Managing Associate
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José Maria Lobo da Costa
Portrait of Maria Figueiredo
Maria Figueiredo
Of Counsel
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Miguel Couto
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