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CMS Employment Webinars: Popular restructuring measures for employers


Since October 16, CMS is having a couple of webinars that focus on current popular employment cost-cutting measures in various European countries. In view of today's economic climate the webinars offer a great opportunity to reflect on the costs of your workforce and consider ways of optimising them.

The series have been covering 15 jurisdictions. It started with Poland and it has been followed by: Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Belgium, France, Russia, Ukraine and Portugal. The webinars are led by CMS experts from the relevant jurisdictions who have comprehensive legal knowledge and a strong commercial awareness of the local labour market and each session lasts an hour. It covers 1 jurisdiction and it's held in English. The participants have an opportunity to ask questions in writing during the webinar and the participation is free of charge.

On March 5, will be Susana Afonso Costa, partner of CMS RPA, who will lead the webinar on popular restructuring measures for employers in Portugal (you can see the event here).

You can see the full program here.

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