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Nuno Mans­ilha and Miguel Couto in art­icle for The En­ergy Year
Nuno Mans­ilha, Part­ner at CMS Por­tugal, to­geth­er with train­ee law­yer Miguel Couto, signed an art­icle in The En­ergy Year, where they talk about the op­por­tun­it­ies that the search for new gas sup­pli­ers in...
An­tónio Pay­an Mar­tins fea­tured in The Law­yer
CMS Rui Pena & Ar­naut’s Bank­ing and Fin­ance Part­ner com­ments on the reg­u­lat­ory "sand­box" that will sur­round pro­jects such as fintech in a new art­icle of the Brit­ish magazine "The Law­yer".The art­icle...
Al­berto Gal­hardo Simões signs art­icle in News24
Al­berto Gal­hardo Simões, part­ner of Lusophone Africa at CMS Rui Pena & Ar­naut, and Pieter Van Welzen, seni­or con­sult­ant for CMS in South Africa, signed a piece in the South Afric­an on­line news­pa­per News24.In...
Món­ica Carneiro Pacheco signs art­icle in Jor­nal Ex­presso
Món­ica Carneiro Pacheco, part­ner of En­ergy & Cli­mate Change, writes an art­icle in Jor­nal Ex­presso about Green Hy­dro­gen.In the art­icle en­titled "Facts and opin­ions - the green hy­dro­gen", the CMS spe­cial­ist...
Diogo Castan­heira Pereira high­lighted in art­icle about the gen­er­a­tion that...
The leg­al sec­tor has mod­ern­ized and with this evol­u­tion new gen­er­a­tions of law­yers are be­gin­ning to show their skills in the busi­ness law mar­ket. The Ad­voc­atus magazine went to meet the law­yers who are...
Itali­an are mov­ing to Por­tugal to re­tire
Sky Italia came to Lis­bon to find out why does a grow­ing num­ber of itali­an people are mov­ing to Por­tugal at the age of re­tire­ment. Fa­vor­able tax, great weath­er and low prices, they say. At CMS Rui Pena...
In­ter­view with Susana Afonso "Wo­men's Lead­er­ship"
Ex­perts doubt that the TAP con­sor­ti­um com­plies with European rules
The stat­utes of the At­lantic Gate­way, the com­pany chose by the Gov­ern­ment to buy 61% of TAP, gen­er­ate ques­tions to ex­perts in EU law and com­pet­i­tion. The main prob­lem arising, and may con­flict with the...
CMS RPA short­l­is­ted for the Cham­bers Awards for Ex­celence
Please check the PDF for more de­tailed in­form­a­tion (Por­tuguese ver­sion only)
CMS RPA dis­tin­guished by Ac­quis­i­tion In­ter­na­tion­al
CMS RPA dis­tin­guished by Ac­quis­i­tion In­ter­na­tion­al has “Full Ser­vice Law Firm of the Year – Por­tugal”.Please check the PDF for more de­tailed in­form­a­tion (Por­tuguese ver­sion only)
CMS RPA in­cluded in the list of Por­tuguese com­pan­ies in­cluded in the Tax...
CMS RPA in­cluded in the list of Por­tuguese com­pan­ies in­cluded in the Tax Dir­ect­ors Hand­book, with the law­yers: Patrick Dew­erbe, Nuno Pena and José Maria Cab­ral Sacadura.Please check the PDF for more...
Ana­lys­is about the Elec­tri­city in the UK at CMS RPA
CMS RPA ar­ranges on 22th Novem­ber a sem­in­ar on the re­form of the Elec­tri­city Mar­ket in the UK. The aim is to bet­ter un­der­stand the pro­pos­als that have be­ing stud­ied in that coun­try, at a time when Por­tugal...