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Article about the Constitutionality of OE with participation of Patrick Dewerbe


The high tax burden, reaching levels that some are already consider confiscatory, changes in levels of the IRS or the planned cuts for pensioners and civil servants - who receive back a subsidy but are not spared the surcharge - are more than enough reasons to bring the president to act. "Given the doubts and considering the earlier judgment of the TC, the President should raise a preventive control," he says, without hesitation, the constitutionalist Tiago Duarte.

Patrick Dewerbe also has no doubts. Would be a way to "avoid surprises mid-year". Even more so, adds Samuel Fernandes de Almeida, "the preventive control had the advantage of avoiding the posterior judgment with the budget already in full effect, being somewhat unlikely that the TV will again accept to limit the effects of its decision" as it happened this year.

Please check the PDF for more detailed information (Portuguese version only).

Jornal de Negócios - Juristas defendem envio do OE ao Constitucional (Portuguese)


Patrick Dewerbe