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Article about the enforcement procedures, with the contribution of Joaquim Shearman de Macedo


The global rate of 0.8% is not significant, "said to Diário Económico the partner of CMS Rui Pena & Arnaut to the area of ​​Litigation and Arbitration, Joaquim Shearman de Macedo. The attorney explained that the problem of slow pace of enforcement actions is the fact that "there are no property to pledge and it's not possible to locate debtors."

Joaquim Shearman de Macedo believes that the new rules of Civil Procedure (which are in public debate) will solve this problem, since it will be "imposed a deadline of three months so it is possible to run the property," after which, with no success , "the executive action leaves the system."

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Diario Económico - Tribunais emdificuldade para despachar acções de cobrança de dívidas (Portuguese)
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Joaquim Shearman de Macedo
Joaquim Macedo