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Gas Sector in Portugal

"Getting The Deal Through - Gas Regulation 2017"


“Getting The Deal Through - Gas Regulation 2017” compares the Gas sector legal framework among 25 jurisdictions worldwide, including an overview of the European Union framework.

The chapter dedicated to Portugal was written by Energy partner Mónica Carneiro Pacheco, as well as our lawyer Bernardo Cunha Ferreira.

"Getting The Deal Through - Gas Regulation 2017" covers key issues regarding Gas regulation, namely a sector description, covering production, storage, and sale, as well as public sector policies.

This paper's goal, which stands as a sector reference, is to give investors a broad view of the national markets concerning the Gas sector and that's why CMS Rui Pena & Arnaut gives special attention to key issues like license agreements, competition policies and legal framework for foreign investment in Portugal.

Gas Regulation 2017 Portugal
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Picture of Monica Pacheco
Mónica Carneiro Pacheco
Picture of Bernardo Cunha Ferreira
Bernardo Cunha Ferreira