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Meet the Law | Covid 19 - Angola Tax measures

The State of National Emergency has been declared last 27 March 2020 and extended pursuant to the Presidential Decree No. 97/2020, of 9 April until 25 April

Together with the renewal of the  State of National Emergency, new exceptional and extraordinary measures have been implemented notably through Presidential Decrees No. 96/2020, and No. 98/2020 of 9 April of which we would like to highlight the following with direct impact in fiscal rules and obligations:

  • Extension of the deadline to pay Group B - Industrial Tax to 29 May, 2020;
  • Extension of the deadline to pay Group A - Industrial Tax to 30 June, 2020;
  • Tax credit for the period of 12 months on the payment of VAT due on the import of goods used for the production of basic necessities listed in the Presidential Decree No. 23/19, of 14 January, 2019 - "Cesta Basica" ;
  • Deferral, with no interests, of the payment of the 8% Social Security contribution due in the second quarter of 2020 (April to June) by the employers, for future payment in six installments from July to December;
  • Suspension of the 3% Social Security contribution normally withheld from the employees' salaries during April May and June;
  • Exemption of VAT and customs duties on the import of goods used for humanitarian aid or donations;
  • Allow deduction of costs incurred in connection with such goods (related services, goods, local production) deductible for Industrial Tax purposes - if properly documented;
  •  The payment of taxes on the import of food and medications will be subject to a posteriori regularization regime;
  • General suspension of the limitation or prescription periods during the State of National Emergency;
  • The Angolan Tax Authorities have also issued a communication allowing (in line with article 117 of the Urban Property Tax Code) the payment of Urban Property Tax in four installments (April, June, August and October).


In collaboration with FTL Advogados, local correspondent of CMS in Angola.


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