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Meet the Law - COVID-19 exceptional and temporary measures

Deadlines for General Meetings and Ultimate Beneficial Owner Central Register

In accordance with Decree-Law no.22-A/2021, March 17th, in force since 18 March:

-  General meetings of commercial companies, associations or cooperatives, which must be held due to legal or statutory requirements, may be held until 30 June 2021;

-  Further to the preceding paragraph, general meetings of cooperatives and associations with more than 100 members that are required to be held under the articles of association may be held until September 30, 2021;

-  Commercial companies shall be exempt, in the year 2021, from the annual confirmation of the information contained in the Portuguese Ultimate Beneficial Owner Central Register, regardless of the date on which the beneficial ownership declaration was file, provided that no fact has occurred that renders outdated the information contained therein.


Portrait of Margarida Vila Franca
Margarida Vila Franca
Portrait of Pedro Fernandes Nunes
Pedro Fernandes Nunes
Portrait of Manuel Duarte Neves Gonçalves
Manuel Duarte Neves Gonçalves