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Meet the Law - Invitation to Independent Power Producer for Expression of Interest in relation to Solar Photovoltaic Energy Project in Mozambique

Invitation to Independent Power Producer for Expression of Interest in relation to Solar Photovoltaic Energy Project in Mozambique

On September 30, 2020, the Government of Mozambique launched the Programa de Promoção de Leilões de Energias Renováveis (Promotion of Renewable Energy Auction Programme or “PROLER”).

PROLER was developed with the support and financing of the European Union, in association with the Agence Française de Développement (AFD), and will contribute to the increase of power generation capacities and to the diversification of energy sources in Mozambique.

The Program encompasses a set of four solar photovoltaic and wind projects, with an aggregate production capacity of 120MW, to be implemented by Independent Power Producers (“IPP’s”).

PROLER's first project will be the implementation of a solar photovoltaic power plant in Dondo (Sofala Province) – the “Project” –, for which a tender has been launched on October 1st with a view of selecting an IPP that will implement the Project.

What does the Project entail?

The Project shall entail the financing, design, construction and operation of a 30MW/40MW capacity solar photovoltaic power plant in Dondo, by the selected IPP.

How will the IPP be selected?

The IPP shall be selected via Public Tender limited by Prior Qualification. This type of tender involves a pre-qualification preliminary phase, prior to the proposals’ exam and ranking phase, to which only bidders that have been pre-selected will have access to.

The Procuring Authority will be the regulatory authority for energy in Mozambique: Autoridade Reguladora de Energia – “ARENE”.

How to apply for the tender?

In order to apply for the tender, bidders must first obtain the Prequalification Documents from ARENE, either physically or through email request, addressed to [email protected][1] . Obtaining the Prequalification Documents requires payment of a non-refundable fee in the amount of MT 3,645.00 (three thousand six-hundred forty five meticais), or USD 50.00 (fifty United States Dollars).

Documents must be submitted until 10:00 AM (Mozambican time) of 16 November 2020, by sealed envelope, to the following address:

Autoridade Reguladora de Energia – ARENE
Departamento de Aquisições
Rua Carlos Albers n.º 41.

When can Invitations for Bids be expected?

Invitations to Prequalified Bidders to submit their Bids are expected to be sent during the first quarter of 2021.



[1] This address shall also be used for all communications with Bidders (including any clarification requests regarding Prequalification Documents or the Prequalification Process).


Alberto Galhardo Simões