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Meet The Law - Public Law

Public Procurement Code (PPC) - Decree-Law No. 131/2010, of the 14th of December


With the purpose of improving the transparency of public procurement procedures, Decree-Law no. 131/2010 was published on December 14th, thus transposing Directive no. 2007/66/CE of the European Parliament and Council, of the 11th of December, 2007 (dubbed the "Remedies Directive"), namely providing the possibility of, in procedures of contract formation which are not subject to mandatory publication in the OJEU, the contracting authorities (by means of a notice of voluntary transparency) publicizing the awarded decision, in order to allow an eventual judicial reaction by interested parties before the conclusion of the contract, therefore preventing the consolidation in the legal regime of the contract.

Please check the PDF for more detailed information (Portuguese version only)

Meet The Law - Public Law
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Gonçalo Guerra Tavares
Gonçalo Guerra Tavares