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Presidential Decree No. 88/18, 6th April

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On April 6, Presidential Decree No. 88/18 was published determining that each Contracting Entity subject to the Public Procurement Law must establish a Public Procurement Unit (PPU) and, establishing the figure of the Project or Contract Manager.

The PPU, which is configured as a section department and is subject to the management powers of the General Secretariat or equivalent entity of the respective Contracting Authority, is responsible for conducting and monitoring all procurement procedures triggered by the Contracting Authority.

The General Secretariat or equivalent entity is, in its turn, guided by the National Public Procurement Service, in particular to identify needs, set reference prices, plan purchases or implement sectoral policies.

The Presidential Decree also establishes the figure of the Project or Contract Manager, that must be appointed by the body responsible for the decision to contract, who is responsible, among other activities, for the coordination of the preparation and execution of the project or contract, for the representation of the Contracting Entity since the early stages of the project or the contract and also for monitoring the performance of contracts and the production of relevant statistical information.

The Project or Contract Manager shall be mandatorily appointed in case of public works contracts, supply of goods and acquisition of services.

The Presidential Decree No. 88/18, which became effective on the date of its publication, is available for consultation here.

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