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Portrait of Georgy Daneliya

Georgy Daneliya

Head of Japanese Desk

Languages Russian, English, Japanese

Georgy Daneliya is a counsel in Commercial Law Practice, CMS Russia.

His specialities include international equipment supply contracts, joint ventures and development projects in the oil & gas, infrastructure and transport sectors, as well as general real estate, corporate and litigation matters in Russia, with a particular focus on the Russian Far East region.

Georgy has valuable experience in advising Japanese trading and manufacturing companies and their subsidiaries on green-field projects when localising their operations in Russia, including consultations on trade, labour, foreign currency, banking and other regulatory aspects of the Russian law.

Before joining CMS, Georgy had worked with several other international law firms in Russia and Japan, as well as an in-house counsel in a major Russian real estate development company.

Georgy is admitted as an advocate in the Bar of the Tatarstan Republic, the Russian Federation.

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Relevant experience

  • A major Japanese heavy machinery manufacturer on the supply of production equipment to its Russian customers, its subsequent installation, launch and servicing
  • A large Japanese engineering company on the supply of chemicals to a major Russian chemical plant
  • A Russian subsidiary of a major Japanese heavy machinery supplier on the structuring of warranty and post-warranty servicing and delivery of spare parts to its customers in the country
  • A major Japanese universal trading company on its plans to acquire a stake in a Russian oil & gas company in Eastern Siberia, including the conduction of due diligence on the company
  • A large Japanese construction company on the legal aspects of the acquisition of a major Russian wood-cutting and processing company; conduction of due diligence on the company and drafting equity sale and purchase agreements
  • A large Japanese construction company preparing the sets of documentation and procurement filings with the Commission on the Control over Foreign Investments of the Government of the Russian Federation for obtaining an approval for the acquisition of Russian strategic companies, and also with the Federal Antimonopoly Service for the purpose of obtaining an antitrust clearance for the shares acquisition
  • A major Japanese oil & gas company on its acquisition of a minority stake in an Irkutsk Region-based Russian oil & gas venture company, which belongs to JOGMEC, a Japanese government entity, and ZAO INK, a medium-sized Russian oil company; conducting due diligence on both companies
  • A Russian medical equipment manufacturer on various issues related to the acquisition of the technology and IP rights from a major Japanese research and development institute; drafting and negotiating technology development (cooperation) agreement and term-sheets for contemplated IP license agreements
  • A large Korean coal extracting company on the legal issues of the reconstruction and expansion of a sea port, and the construction of industrial facilities in Russia
  • A major Japanese manufacturer of equipment for nuclear power stations on various Russian regulatory matters
  • A major Japanese computer manufacturer in relation to the administrative proceedings conducted by the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia
  • A major Japanese transportation company on rescheduling of a debt owed by a Russian railroad container carriage monopolist
  • A large multilateral lending institution on certain issues related to the use of lands in restricted areas (land of historical and cultural heritage, railroad protective areas, etc.)
  • A private equity firm on various issues related to the execution of the development (investment) project, including issues related to the transfer of rights under the investment agreement and to land auctions in St. Petersburg
  • American and Japanese companies on issues related to the protection of Russian citizens’ ( individuals’) personal data under the Russian law
  • A large Japanese maritime container carrier on the establishment of a representative office in Russia
  • Various Japanese companies on the establishment of their subsidiaries in Russia and corporate housekeeping in Russia
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Memberships & Roles

  • Japanese Business Club
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  • 2003 – Law Faculty of the Kazan State University
  • 2006 – Ph.D. in Law from the Kazan State University
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