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CMS Client Alert | June 2014 | Tax

New rules of the game in taxpayers’ relations with the Russian tax authorities


As part of the further development of Russian tax law, previously existing but not yet codified concepts are being introduced to the Russian Tax Code (the “Tax Code”), and this will affect the relations between taxpayers and the tax authorities. The State Duma is now considering two bills which will introduce into the Tax Code:

  • the presumption of a taxpayer’s good faith alongside a general concept of the abuse of rights by a taxpayer; and
  • a horizontal monitoring system.

These provisions could become effective as early as 1 January 2015. However, the submission of both bills to the State Duma for consideration was only made on 23 May 2014, and they are thus subject to further amendment.

CMS Client Alert | June 2014 | Tax
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Safaryan Hayk
Hayk Safaryan
Yulia Smourova