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CMS and DGA seminar: Latest innovations in resolving construction disputes

Singapore, Singapore

Show location
Past event
10 May 2018, 17:00 - 18:30

Led by public sector demand, the construction industry in Singapore is expected to grow in 2018. This is mirrored across the Asia Pacific region where there is expected to be increased appetite for infrastructure, industrial and commercial facilities investment across multiple countries, including Australia, China, Indonesia, Cambodia and Bangladesh.

However, amidst this general sense of optimism and positive outlook, claims and disputes pose a real concern and key challenge for contractors and employers alike. Increased competition, higher costs and smaller margins mean that a badly managed claim could have severe financial impact on those involved.

Come and join us as we discuss recent innovations in the resolution of disputes in the construction industry.

The session will cover:

  1. Overview of common claims and disputes faced by contractors and employers in the construction industry
  2. A comparison of dispute resolution options available, including the Third Party Intervention (TPI) Process* developed by the DGA Group
  3. Recent innovations introduced by arbitral institutions and the use of these procedures in international construction disputes.
  4. Concluding thoughts and takeaway

*In 2010, DGA developed a without prejudice Third Party Intervention (TPI) Process. Using the TPI process as an alternative to Arbitration and Litigation, parties to a £1bn (S$1.85bn) rail infrastructure project amicably settled a £400m (S$745m) dispute. The TPI process is now widely used in Hong Kong.


David Gibson, Group CEO, DGA Group 

Adrian Bell, Partner, CMS

Steven Lim, Partner, CMS

Asya Jamaludin, Counsel, CMS