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Corporate Social Responsibility

Commitment to greater sustainability

Whether we at CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz look at our head office in Vienna and our ten offices in CEE or at the international CMS network, as an internationally active commercial law firm we will unfortunately never be able to operate without consuming resources and producing environmentally harmful emissions. But one thing distinguishes our company: We work continuously to successively reduce our negative and increase our positive impact on the environment. Our commitment ranges across participation in Sustainable Office and Sustainable Business initiatives as well as sustainable cooperatives.

Our mission  

As a globally networked organisation, we support our clients in many specialist areas and sustainability is an important focus of each. At the same time, we also want to ensure our day-to-day activities and our office premises are sustainable and environmentally friendly.  

One thing sets our company apart: it is Future Facing. This means we look ahead and embrace emerging challenges. Issues of sustainability and environmental protection are perhaps the most significant challenge we currently face. We too, therefore, have a duty as a company to act responsibly and manage our impact on the environment.  

Our vision  

We want to take a pioneering role within the industry and show that we care deeply about preserving the environment and using resources sparingly. Sustainability should be understood as an inseparable part of our consulting and our corporate culture.  

Our goal is to be a company that provides sustainable advice, operates in an environmentally friendly manner and is perceived accordingly by its stakeholders.