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Ivan Gazdić re-elected President of the Foreign Investors Council's Infrastructure & Real Estate Committee


After chairing the Real Estate & Construction Committee of the Foreign Investors Council in two bi-annual mandates, CMS Belgrade partner Ivan Gazdić was re-elected last week to run the reshaped Infrastructure & Real Estate Committee for another two years.

In his 2020/2021 programme, Ivan has set the core principles and tasks to be followed during his third consecutive mandate:

1. Dialogue with key stakeholders in the real estate and infrastructure sector,
2. Implementation of the core EU energy legislation,
3. Monitoring the efficiency of the real estate cadastre,
4. Affirmation of foreign investments in infrastructure projects, and
5. Taskforce with the government / White Book.

“Serbia, as a contracting party to the Energy Community Treaty, is obliged to implement the core EU energy legislation. We should support the reform of the Energy Act and propose necessary amendments to the Ministry of Mining and Energy”, Ivan reiterates the aim to incorporate the EU aquis within the Serbian legal framework.

Ivan also proposes that the Committee should discuss with the Serbian government how to attract more foreign investments to Serbia.

“We have noticed foreign investors’ increasing interest in the infrastructure sector. However, due to the insufficient information about opportunities and government activities in terms of further development of infrastructure projects in Serbia, many of them are turning to other similar markets”, Ivan concludes.

More on FIC and its activities can be found here.

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