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Portrait of Igor Đorđević

Igor Đorđević

Attorney-at-law for Energy, Banking & Finance, Projects and Infrastructure

Petrikić & Partneri AOD
in cooperation with CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz
Krunska 73
11000 Belgrade
Languages Serbian, English, German

Igor Đorđević joined CMS Belgrade in January 2017 after graduating from the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade a year before. Prior to that he had completed a summer traineeship programme at CMS Belgrade.

Igor has significant experience in advising international financial institutions, commercial banks, companies and regulatory authorities with respect to both domestic and cross-border financing, including project financing, foreign exchange transactions and banking operations. In addition, Igor provides legal support to some of the key companies operating in local energy and renewables sector (including locally present ESCOs), as well as to companies operating in other state-regulated industries.

Among others, Igor Đorđević has advised syndicate of local banks in relation to the EUR 700 million refinancing of several facilities provided for the acquisition of three local companies active in local food & beverage sector; syndicate of local and foreign banks and financial institutions in relation to the EUR 85 million financing granted for the construction of a major wind park in Serbia and on other energy-related matters in the project; syndicate of local banks in relation to the repayment of the EUR 25 million financing and release of established security interests, being one of the conditions precedent for acquisition of the borrower by a joint venture established by foreign companies; major Slovenian bank in several restructurings of EUR 20 million facilities provided to a major local company active in local food & beverage sector; major international mining company in relation to the acquisition of international mining company (and all of its Serbian subsidiaries) and various corporate, real estate and regulatory matters connected to the transaction; numerous foreign companies in relation to the establishment and development of their business operations in Serbia.

Igor Đorđević is CMS Belgrade’s representative in the Foreign Investors Council’s Infrastructure & Industrialization Committee in Serbia and is fluent in Serbian, English and German.

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Memberships & Roles

  • Belgrade Bar Association
  • Serbian Bar Association
  • Foreign Investors Council
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  • CMS Renewable Energy Guide 2018, Serbian chapter co-authored with Djordje Popovic and Mihajlo Matkovic
  • Refuse-derived fuel as an alternative to fossil fuels in Serbia (2019), article co-authored with Ivan Gazdic
  • CMS Renewable Energy Guide 2019, Serbian chapter co-authored with Ivan Gazdic
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  • 2019 - Bar Admission (Belgrade, Serbia)
  • 2016 Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade
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CMS Bel­grade provides full sup­port to Uni­Cred­it Bank Ser­bia in the re­fin­an­cing...
Uni­Cred­it Bank Ser­bia and Eli­cio Ali VE, a 100% sub­si­di­ary of Eli­cio NV, suc­cess­fully closed the re­fin­an­cing trans­ac­tion of the 42 MW Alibunar wind farm in Q3 2021. CMS Bel­grade has been se­lec­ted to pre­pare the full set of fin­ance doc­u­ments for Uni­Cred­it Bank Ser­bia as the sole lender in the EUR 53 mil­lion re­fin­an­cing.  Com­ment­ing on the trans­ac­tion, Nikola Vu­letić, Chair­man of the Man­age­ment Board of Uni­Cred­it Ser­bia, said: “We are proud that Eli­cio once again re­cog­nised our bank as a re­li­able part­ner for the first re­fin­an­cing of an op­er­a­tion­al wind farm con­duc­ted in Ser­bia. This is a clear ex­ample of how banks and the re­new­ables sec­tor can con­trib­ute to im­prov­ing over­all en­ergy se­cur­ity and con­sump­tion of re­new­able en­ergy in Ser­bia.”  Alain Jans­sens, CEO of Eli­cio, ad­ded: “This re­fin­an­cing rep­res­ents an im­port­ant mile­stone for the Ser­bi­an re­new­ables mar­ket as it af­firms the strong fun­da­ment­als of the pro­ject and the bank­able reg­u­lat­ory en­vir­on­ment for re­new­able en­ergy pro­duc­tion in Ser­bia. The trans­ac­tion also con­firms the fund­ing avail­able in the Ser­bi­an mar­ket to loc­ally fin­ance well-struc­tured pro­jects and to do so on longer ten­ors. These are cru­cial con­di­tions for real­iz­ing Ser­bia’s con­sid­er­able am­bi­tions in terms of an in­creased con­tri­bu­tion of wind en­ergy to the en­ergy mix, an area in which Eli­cio will con­tin­ue to act­ively par­ti­cip­ate.” The team of CMS Bel­grade ex­perts headed by part­ners Ivan Gazdić and Milica Pop­ović provided full leg­al sup­port in every phase of this land­mark re­fin­an­cing, from the leg­al due di­li­gence re­view to full-scope ad­vice on mul­tiple reg­u­lat­ory, real es­tate, cor­por­ate, pro­ject fin­ance and oth­er leg­al is­sues and draft­ing of the fin­ance doc­u­ments. Oth­er team mem­bers in­clude Ksen­ija Bor­eta, Mar­ija Marošan, Ig­or Đorđević, and Teodora Vu­jošević.
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