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    1. Davos: winning trust in a digitalised, connected world
    2. Using technology to serve our clients
    3. Finding the balance: human touch versus high tech
    4. Connected Future: a global infrastructure report
    5. ShopBack seals latest major fundraising in Singapore
    6. FinTech reshapes financial services as sector booms
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  2. Anticipation
    1. Portuguese renewable energy sector heats up with EUR 600m Novenergia sale
    2. E-Procurement sets new commercial tone for EU contractors
    3. Tristan completes EPISO 5 fund raise amidst political turbulence
    4. Coty picks CMS as global adviser following beauty parade
    5. New challenges in a changing world
  3. Supporting Growth
    1. Cinven acquires PPF as European pet food market flourishes
    2. Advance takes centre stage with theatre group acquisition
    3. Advent seals EUR 1.9bn Zentiva deal as healthcare booms
    4. Liberty sells European assets to Vodafone in EUR 18.4bn mega-deal
  4. Managing Risk
    1. Climate change liability – new litigation risks
    2. New lab services agreements for Honeywell following Homes spin-off
    3. Markel takes Hippo to task in complex insurance arrears dispute
    4. Creating a tax-effective structure for a private equity investment
    5. Protecting trade marks across Europe
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    1. CMS breaks ground with first global tech start up programme, equIP
    2. From China to Chile: cultural differences and the ties that bind
    3. Facing the future
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    1. Helping to achieve a better world
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Coty picks CMS as global adviser following beauty parade

"Coty made it clear from the outset that its external advisers needed to have progressive  D & I practices  in place. It is in the process of streamlining  its entire organisation and could only work with us if we shared its ideals."
Partner Employment & Pensions CMS Warsaw

Diversity & Inclusion (D & I) and corporate responsibility (CR) are important issues. They have become central to law firm strategy as firms recognise the value of a diverse and inclusive workforce and their role as responsible citizens. Clients  are also insisting on a demonstrable track record in these areas.

Coty, a US-based multinational beauty company owning over 77 brands  globally, was one of the major new client acquisitions for our employment practice last year, a win possibly attributable in part to our ability to show achievements in D&I and CR.

Coty, which had been using a large  number of firms globally, wanted a firm that could provide a seamless multijurisdiction service and asked CMS to pitch for its employment work.

Phase one success meant creating a new global employment hotline service, which was successfully delivered by relationship partners Katarzyna Dulewicz and Alison Woods. Following the successful completion of this trial, CMS was appointed as Coty’s default employment adviser globally outside of the US.

CMS Aberdeen partner Alison Woods said, “Onboarding Coty and ensuring a ‘one team’ approach on all aspects has been a significant undertaking, not least given the scale of their operations. Our ability to advise across all key jurisdictions, and provide strong central relationship management, were major benefits.”

Coty placed diversity at the centre of  its pitch process and insisted that we demonstrate strong progress in and commitment to this area in order to  reflect Coty’s own values. Eloise VerdeDelisle, VP, Global Employment & Labor at Coty, commented, “This appointment was a big move for Coty and part of our wider simplification of appointments, so we needed to be sure of a strong law firm partner. I am confident we have that in CMS.”

CMS Warsaw partner Katarzyna Dulewicz said, “Coty made it clear from the outset that its external advisers needed to have progressive D&I practices in place. It is in the process of streamlining its entire organisation and could only work with  us if we shared its ideals.”

Our employment teams are now working to roll out training programmes for Coty and have created a separate knowledge hub where Coty’s staff can access answers to frequently asked employment law questions.

Key contacts

Katarzyna Dulewicz
Katarzyna Dulewicz
Head of Employment, CEE
T +48 22 520 5519