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Sona Hankova

Soňa Hanková

Attorney-at-Law for Corporate/M&A

CMS Bratislava
Staromestská 3
811 03 Bratislava
Languages Slovak, English, Czech, German

Specialisation in Corporate / M&A

Soňa Hanková is a transaction lawyer with over 17 years of experience covering almost all aspects of financial deals. She is skilled at handling cross-border projects that involve multiple legal disciplines. 

Soňa is particularly effective at advising clients across the spectrum of commercial transactions, including M&A, IPOs, business transformations and carve-outs, divestments, structuring, negotiations, and executing acquisitions and related competition matters (merger clearance proceedings) as well as offering buy- & sell-side legal due diligence and financial advisory services, and post-transaction assistance with general corporate matters and business operational matters. 

Other key areas of competence include real estate transactions encompassing single property acquisitions as well as real estate portfolios, financing, development, construction law and real estate regulatory matters, FIDIC contracts, asset management and leasing.

Additionally, Soňa has broad experience in employment law, assisting with cross-border posting, intragroup management assignments, management remuneration schemes, TUPE employee transfers, negotiating collective bargaining agreements, and designing internal policies.

Locally she advises on regulatory matters, compliance issues, litigation, out of court settlements, and protection of clients’ rights in administrative proceedings.


Soňa Hanková assists institutional investors with complex projects as well as international and local companies from various business sectors including manufacturing, automotive, retail and construction companies. Soňa is particularly experienced at advising clients from various real estate sectors, including warehouse and distribution facilities, offices, hotels, and residential development.


  • Chambers Europe 2015: sources describe Soňa as a "long-time practitioner who is very visible in the Slovak real estate market”. 
  • Chambers Europe 2014: Soňa ranked in Band 3 in Real Estate in Slovakia. 
  • Chambers Europe 2013: Sources identify Soňa as an active and talented practitioner.


Active in delivering speeches at conferences and on webinars primarily focusing on real estate topics, corporate law and employment law.

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Relevant experience

Previously a Counsel at the world’s largest international law firm and a Senior Manager at a Big 4 law firm, Soňa is experienced in complex multidisciplinary projects, both at local and international levels, often working in collaboration with the firms’ wider networks.

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  • 2001 – Master of Law degree (title Mgr.), Faculty of Law, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia.
  • 2000-2001 – Participated in the Joint European Program – European Integration and Internationalization at the University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia.
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Soňa Hanková has been a member of the Slovak Bar Association since 2005.

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