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Mandatory registration of employers receiving aid in the Register of Public Sector Partners


Soňa Hanková
Soňa Hanková
Attorney-at-Law for Corporate/M&A

Employers who currently receive or have in the past received financial contributions under pandemic measures for the support of employment must register in the Public Sector Partners Register (“the Register”) if certain thresholds are met (i.e. EUR 100,000 or EUR 250,000 in case of repeatedly paid contributions).  

The period for registration was prolonged for them until the end of the year 2021. As a result, many pandemic aid recipients mistakenly assume that the registration requirement does not apply to them. Failure to comply with the obligation to register may result in sanctions not only for the employer but also for the statutory bodies – sanctions such as being ordered to repay the contributions or fines of up to EUR 1,000,000. Only authorised persons such as lawyers or notaries can file application for registration of the company in the Register.