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Aid for refugees

As well as providing support for the projects mentioned above, we also refuse to turn a blind eye when help is suddenly and urgently required. CMS Vienna therefore involved itself in giving aid to refugees throughout the autumn and winter of 2015.

€ 13,333.00 for the Caritas Omni.Bus in Traiskirchen

The Caritas Omni.Bus is in the initial reception centre Traiskirchen. It is the point where donations of food and clothes are received, sorted and distributed and is a central collection point for Vienna and its surrounding area. CMS was able to help them with a donation of €13,333.00.

300 hours of on the spot legal advice at Vienna train stations

The refugees arriving at the train stations first require the most basic necessities, but they later also need professional legal advice. Around 20 employees who wished to provide on the spot legal advice on a voluntary basis were released from their obligations in the office to do just that. Around 20 employees registered themselves to provide on the spot help, which meant that more than 300 hours of legal advice could be provided, not including the hours the volunteers worked in their free time. The initiative, named “CMS Zeitspende” (CMS gives its time), was internally co-ordinated by Daniela Krömer along with Christoph Wolf, who noted, “I am especially proud of the fact that our employees voluntarily gave their time, not only by helping during their work’s time, but also in their free time.”

Benefit concert in support of PROSA

Christoph Wolf is not only a CMS partner, but, as a member of the rock band NAGELSTUDIO, he also has the alter ego of “Karl Splatz.” On the 7th of November 2015 he gave a benefit concert in WUK in support of PROSA -“Projekt Schule für Alle” (project school for all) - together with his bandmates and two other bands.