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Have you already adjusted the employment-related remunerations?


A number of sectoral collective agreements from the private sector specify that wages and/or work-related cost reimbursement must be adjusted to macroeconomic indicators in July.

Specifically, the Tariff Annex to the Collective Agreement for Slovenia's Trade Sector stipulates that all work-related cost reimbursement, except the separate living allowance, must be adjusted on 1 July of each year. The reimbursement of costs is adjusted according to the average index of consumer prices for the period of the first half of the current year relative to the same period of last year. Given that the average annual inflation in the period from January to June 2014 compared to the period from January to June 2013 amunted to 0.6%, the reimbursement of costs rose by this ratio in 2014. The new amounts of reimbursement of cost in the trade sector are thus from 1 July 2014 as follows:

(i) for meals at work – EUR 4.27,

(ii) daily allowance for a business trip from 6 to 8 hours – EUR 6.17,

(iii) a daily allowance from 8 to 12 hours – EUR 8.81, and

(iv) a daily allowance exceeding 12 hours – EUR 17.40.

Moreover, the provisions of a number of other sectoral collective agreements covering the insurance sector, hospitality and tourism, public utility (municipal) activities and other sectors provide that the current amount allocated for meal-related reimbursement of costs will be increased as of 1 July 2014 by the price growth index for food products. Taking into account the price growth of products in the period of the first half of 2014, the reimbursement of costs from July to December 2014 will rise by 0.7%.

Special focus should be given to employers in the sector of postal and courier services, where the lowest basic salaries of specific tariff classes will also be subject to adjustments, in addition to January adjustments of the meal-related reimbursement of costs. Based on the Collective agreement for postal and courier services, the basic salaries will be adjusted in July to the envisaged average inflation rate multiplied by 0.85.