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New temporary intervention measures on the labour market are expected


Due to the economic crisis, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia adopted a Stability Programme, in which it, inter alia, anticipates a reduction in public expenditure through restrictive policies in the field of social transfers and the promotion of greater employment of young and unemployed persons. For this purpose, the Government adopted the text of the proposed new Act on Emergency Measures in Field of Labour Market and Parental Care (ZIUTDSV) and prepared an amendment to the Labour Market Regulation Act (ZUTD-B), which is currently subject to negotiations between the social partners.

The temporary goals or measures of the new act are:

  • the restriction of the payment of maternity leave benefits to the maximum of twice the monthly average wage of €2,862.84 per month, with effect from 1 August 2013 onwards; and
  • the promotion of higher employment of young and unemployed persons in the form of an exemption from the payment of the employer’s contributions for the first 24 months of employment for unemployed persons younger than 30 years of age, which is to apply from 1 November 2013 until the end of 2014.