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Proposal of the Financial Administration Act


The Government of the Republic of Slovenia has adopted the proposal of the Financial Administration Act, which amongst other, provides for the merger of tax and customs administrations or the merging of their internal organizational units performing similar tasks (accounting, assessment, supervision of payment of obligatory duties, collection and investigation with the aim to successfully suppress and prosecute criminal offences), in order to reduce the administrative burden on taxpayers, unify inspections, access and create joint databases, which will enable a comprehensive and quality treatment of taxpayers, and better organization of joint authority and effective work organization.

Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia will be organized as a body within the Ministry of Finance. It will comprise of the General Financial Office and financial offices. The proposal regulates the operating principles, organization, functions and powers of financial administration, data collection, and management of tax registers and records, the rights and sensitivities of labour law relations of the staff of the financial administration and other issues related to the operation of financial administration.


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