Expat Desk


Our specialists of the CMS Expat Desk provide cross-border advice to (global) companies about international employees, also known as “expats”. The provided assistance is related to employment law, work and residence permits, taxation and social security matters and are as follows:

  • Drafting employment and international assignment agreements;
  • Advising on the taxation of foreign employees;
  • Obtaining work permits for foreign employees and residence permits for their dependents;
  • Advising on the social security obligations applicable to foreign employees;
  • Advising on split pay-roll issues;
  • Managing termination procedures of foreign employees; and
  • Drafting mobility policies.


Assisting the client, one of the world’s leading commercial and jet fighter engine manufacturers, on applying for work permits for highly skilled foreign individuals to be employed by the client’s Turkish subsidiary.

Advising the client, a European renewable energy company, on the engagement of a foreign individual as a non-resident advisor or as a resident manager in Turkey to assist the operations of the client’s Turkish subsidiary.

Advising the client, an international packaging materials and paper producer, on the social security and taxation aspects of seconding a foreign employee to the client's Turkish subsidiary as well as drafting an extensive employment agreement and international assignment agreement.

Advising the client, an international producer of motor oil and lubricants, with regard to work permits and regulatory restrictions related to foreign employees and social security and taxation aspects of seconding a foreign employee to the client’s Turkish subsidiary.

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07 May 2021
The Turk­ish Con­sti­tu­tion­al Court ruled that the em­ploy­er had the right...
On 5 Feb­ru­ary 2021, the Turk­ish Con­sti­tu­tion­al Court pub­lished De­cision 2018/31036 (dated 12 Janu­ary 2021 and pub­lished in the Of­fi­cial Gaz­ette), which found that a Turk­ish com­pany had not vi­ol­ated data...
07 May 2021
Tur­key Dis­missal ban has been ex­ten­ded again
The Pres­id­en­tial De­cision numbered 3930 was pub­lished in the Of­fi­cial Gaz­ette on 30 April 2021 and ex­tends the peri­od of dis­missal ban un­til the end of June 2021. Thus, un­til 30 June 2021, the ban on...
07 May 2021
Tur­key in­tro­duces re­mote work­ing scheme
On 10 March 2021, Tur­key en­acted the Re­mote Work Reg­u­la­tion, which reg­u­lates the de­tails of re­mote work in ac­cord­ance with Art­icle 14 of the Turk­ish La­bour Law No. 4857. Gen­er­al pro­vi­sions on re­mote work...
10 March 2021
Tur­key: Peri­od of dis­missal ban ex­ten­ded again by 2 months
The peri­od of the dis­missal ban of em­ploy­ees has been ex­ten­ded by 2 months start­ing from 17 March 2021 fol­low­ing the pub­lic­a­tion of Pres­id­en­tial De­cision No. 3592 in the Of­fi­cial Gaz­ette on 9 March 2021...
26 February 2021
Tur­key: Short-time work al­low­ance peri­od ex­ten­ded again
The peri­od for the short-time work al­low­ance was ex­ten­ded un­til 31 March 2021 fol­low­ing the 19 Feb­ru­ary 2021 pub­lic­a­tion of Pres­id­en­tial De­cision No. 3556 in the Of­fi­cial Gaz­ette. In or­der to be­ne­fit...
19 February 2021
The Fu­ture is Now: The New World of Work in Tur­key
The COV­ID-19 pan­dem­ic and the meas­ures put in place in coun­tries around the world – in­clud­ing Tur­key – has com­pelled em­ploy­ers and em­ploy­ees to ad­opt a new vis­ion for work, such as work from home...
25 January 2021
Tur­key in­tro­duces new so­cial se­cur­ity in­cent­ives
On 17 Novem­ber 2020, Tur­key en­acted the Re­struc­tur­ing of Cer­tain Pub­lic Claims and Amend­ment of Cer­tain Laws Law No. 7256, which in­tro­duces new pro­vi­sions for the re­struc­tur­ing of pub­lic claims and the...
22 January 2021
EDPB is­sues draft guidelines for data breach no­ti­fic­a­tions
Fur­ther to the GDPR re­quire­ment for re­port­ing per­son­al data breaches to the com­pet­ent data pro­tec­tion au­thor­ity and, in cer­tain cases, to af­fected in­di­vidu­als, the European Data Pro­tec­tion Board (EDPB)...
13 January 2021
EU­'s Por­tuguese pres­id­ency re­leases new draft of ePri­vacy Reg­u­la­tion
On 5 Janu­ary 2021, the Coun­cil of the EU – with Por­tugal serving as the Pres­id­ent-in-Of­fice – re­leased a new draft ver­sion of the ePri­vacy Reg­u­la­tion, which is meant to re­place the ePri­vacy Dir­ect­ive...
07 January 2021
Tur­key: The peri­od of the dis­missal ban was again ex­ten­ded by two months
The Pres­id­en­tial De­cision numbered 3344 (“De­cision”) was pub­lished in the Of­fi­cial Gaz­ette on 30 Decem­ber 2020 and ex­tends the peri­od of dis­missal ban for an­oth­er two (2) months.  Back­ground As in­dic­ated...
24 November 2020
Schrems II: Re­sponses to the su­per­vis­ory au­thor­it­ies' as­sess­ment and re­com­mend­a­tions...
"Schrems II": Opin­ions of the su­per­vis­ory au­thor­it­ies on Schrems II and re­com­mend­a­tions on the im­ple­ment­a­tion of the judge­ment in in­ter­na­tion­al data trans­fers On 16 Ju­ly 2020, the Court of Justice of...
16 November 2020
Schrems II re­vis­ited: the European data au­thor­ity pub­lishes draft guid­ance...
On 11 Novem­ber 2020, the European Data Pro­tec­tion Board (EDPB) pub­lished two re­com­mend­a­tions that provide guid­ance to com­pan­ies on how to as­sess data trans­fers after the ECJ’s Schrems II de­cision:...