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Dress Code Communication

Kyiv, Ukraine

Past event
27 June 2019, 09:00 - 11:30

Business has developed a wide variety of tools and methods for efficient communication, however we don’t always consider our appearance as a key part of how we communicate even though communication begins long before we start talking. Often the way we look rather than what we say creates the first impression that people have of us, this can have a huge impact on what we are trying to communicate and how it is received.
Business dress code is being replaced by dress communication. The key difference between these two terms is that dress code is a set of standard rules which take no account of a specific person’s need for self-expression. By contrast, dress communication is based on originality, personalization and creativity, which are the things that make us stand out and can make our communication even more efficient to relevant audiences.
Current fashions make it possible to express one’s life philosophy by the way they look even under the most conservative dress code. Why is this important? It increases our confidence in ourselves and allows us to demonstrate our own personality through how we dress. On average a person sees his or her reflection in a mirror, window, shop window or smartphone screen at around 60 times a day. When we feel confident, we are more creative and are more effective in how we communicate.
Our speaker of the event: creative and talented Anna Danevych, a personal style consultant, dress communication expert, director, chief buyer and co-founder of S E N Z A/N O M E, a style studio and concept store. Anna will talk about:

  • fashion as a social phenomenon and its main features;
  • why former appearance rules don't work nowadays;
  • personal style as a system of values;
  • “full wardrobe but nothing to wear”;
  • basic wardrobe which isn’t needed;
  • dress codes in the business environment;
  • dress communication as a required alternative to the dress code in the present-day world;
  • how to be yourself and work for the company image;
  • trends and well-known brands;
  • as well as about unknown brands, artisanal fashion, and what is this all about.

If you are interested in joining this free event you will need to register before the event by clicking the Register Now button. Prior registration is required for all attendees.


08:30 - 09.00 Registration and morning coffee

09:00 - 9.10 Introduction by Olga Belyakova, Partner with CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang

9.10 - 11.00 Workshop with Anna Danevych, Personal Stylist, Co-founder and Director of S E N Z A/N O M E

11:00 - 11.30 Communication, exchange of opinions, and treats