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How Agriculture is Transforming Ukraine (English webinar)

03 November 2020, 11:00 - 12:00
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Ukraine is the global agricultural powerhouse and its strength is growing each year.  We will discuss key issues facing agricultural business in Ukraine and how the changes would contribute to the growth of the agricultural industry. How would availability of finance and land market affect the future of Ukraine’s agriculture? What to expect from the existing and new players in the market? 

Issues to be covered at the discussion

  1. Ukraine’s place in the global map of agricultural sector.
  2. Season outlook: old-new bottlenecks, effect of drought and quality issues.
  3. Snapshot on the recent M&A, financing and infrastructure transactions in the agricultural sector.
  4. A new financing instruments: is there a solution?
  5. Land market of Ukraine: the Who, What, When, And How Much
    1. land available for sale from 2021;
    2. permitted buyers;
    3. expectations regarding the purchase price;
    4. various restrictions regarding agricultural land acquisition; and
    5. consequences for breach of established restrictions.

The working language of the webinar will be English

Participation is free of charge with prior registration.

  • 03 November


Olekhov, Ihor
Ihor Olekhov
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Natalia Kushniruk
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Orest Matviychuk
Senior Associate