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#StayatHome and online with CMS and Olha Kushcheva

Webinar about staying healthy during self-isolation

Past event
03 April 2020, 16:00 - 17:00

Time in self-isolation has become a new and unpredictable experience for each of us. No matter what type of personality we have these time can be challenging with some additional stress but there is a way forward.

As part of our CMS women and HR initiatives, CMS has turned to Olha Kushcheva for valuable advice, Olha is a psychotherapist with 12 years of experience, to understand how to preserve our inner harmony and healthy relationships with your family at home.

In this CMS webinar Olha will speak about what matters most: 

  • What to do if your business activity levels have not gone down (or perhaps even gone up), and you are working from home?
  • How to support yourself and your team members in an emotional crisis?
  • Where to look for resources and psychological backstops in a time of sweeping changes?
  • And why not “everything is going to be all right” but this is for the better.

Please note the language for this webinar will be Ukrainian. 

#StayatHome and online with us and join this useful webinar, by registering using the button below.

  • 03 April