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Volodymyr Kolvakh

Senior Associate

T +380 44 391 7731
Kyiv (Volodymyrska Street)
6th Floor, 38 Volodymyrska Street
01054 Kyiv
Languages English, Ukrainian, Russian

Volodymyr Kolvakh is a Senior Associate  in Energy and Projects practice in Kyiv office of CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang. Being a member of the Energy & Climate Change practice group Volodymyr primarily handles legal aspects of production and trading of mineral resources and power generation from both conventional and renewable sources. Volodymyr has vast experience advising international oil and gas companies on the wide range of legal matters related to upstream and downstream oil and gas. In particular Volodymyr’s experience in oil and gas sector includes obtaining of subsoil licences and other regulatory permits for exploration and production activities at onshore and offshore blocks, drafting and negotiating various types of contracts, including joint activity (farm-in) agreements, joint operating agreements, drilling and well services contracts, production sharing agreement (PSA) for onshore unconventional gas areas and offshore blocks between the Government of Ukraine and oil and gas majors, addressing related health, safety and environmental issues. In the power sector, Volodymyr among other things takes the leading role in due diligence review of wind, solar and other renewable energy projects and advises on all regulatory aspects for their successful acquisition, development and operation.

Volodymyr also actively participates in alignment of Ukrainian legislation in the energy and climate change sector with EU law and best practices and has been working closely with the Energy Community Secretariat, Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine, World Bank, EBRD, IFC, OPIC, national regulatory authorities and other policymakers in reforming the Ukrainian energy and climate change sector.

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Volodymyr Kolvakh is known for providing straight-to-the-point solutions and advice based on his professional expertise.

Legal 500

Relevant experience

  • International Financial Institution
    • on the Ukrainian Gas Market Reform in line with the EU 3rd Energy package, unbundling and restructuring of Naftogaz of Ukraine and Ukraine's Gas Market Reform Implementation Plan
    • development of secondary legislation to enable the new Gas Market Law (Transmission System Code, Distribution System Code, Storage Code, Rules of Supply, National (Emergency) Plan, standard supply, storage and transportation contracts, etc.)
  • An EU-based investment fund
    • development of the 500 MW wind power plant;
    • regulatory and energy law advice with respect to obtaining the green (feed-in) tariff and compliance with the “local content” requirement;
    • connection of the 500 MW wind power plant, with the electricity grid, negotiation and renegotiation of the interconnection agreement with the national grid operator and technical conditions (options) for grid connection;
    • complex Due Diligence of the project for the purpose of attracting project financing
    • adaptation of the standard power purchase agreement in line with requirements of the financial institutions (creating a bankable PPA in Ukraine)
    • negotiation of the power purchase agreement with the state power off-taker 
  • French multinational electric utility company
    • cross-border trading, import, export and storage of natural gas in Ukraine
    • gas & electricity transactions with Ukrainian customers under EFET standards
    • establishing gas and electricity business in Ukraine
    • tender for 1 GW solar renewable project in Chornobyl Exclusion Zone
  • One of the largest Czech Oil and Gas Production Company on acquisition of a gas production business in Ukraine. Drafted state of the international contracts of a complex production and profit sharing projects and gas treatment services
  • European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET) on adaptation of EFET Gas and Electricity Standard Agreements to Ukraine’s legal framework, prepared legal opinions on enforceability of the EFET General Agreements
  • ExxonMobil on
    • negotiations and various agreements with Ukrainian state oil and gas companies
    • acquisition of geological information
    • various regulatory aspects of upstream business in Ukraine, regulatory, environmental, tax issues, interactions with state authorities,joint bid advice and submission of the bids for various PSA projects in Ukraine
    • PSA for the production of hydrocarbons from the deep water shelf of the Black Sea
  • Shell on legal and regulatory issues of the complex restructuring of the Joint Activity (Farm-In) Agreement with UkrGasVydobuvannya, one of the subsidiaries of NAK Naftogaz of Ukraine - Ukrainian oil and gas monopoly
  • Eni on the multimillion acquisition of a majority interest in a joint venture company WestGasInvest LLC, holding nine gas licence areas in the Lviv Basin of Western Ukraine from Ukrainian state-owned company Nadra Ukrayny and Cadogan Petroleum
  • Polish energy company on
    • gas trading with Ukrainian counter-parties, storage of gas in Ukraine, various aspects of new gas market legislation and standard contracts with the transmission system operator
    • due diligence of a largest private Ukrainian gas trader for the purpose of establishing a joint venture in Ukraine
    • negotiation of the joint venture terms  and transactional documents (SPA, Shareholders Agreement), gas supply contracts
  • McKinsey
    • comprehensive study for optimisation and increasing efficiency of underground gas storage facilities in Ukraine
    • identification of the feasible paths for private sector participation in Ukraine’s underground gas storage, including analysis of related risks for security of supply
    • analysis of inherent legal risks, including those related to disputable stock, liabilities of NJSC "Naftogaz of Ukraine" under loan agreements and respective credit risks from the perspective of their implications for private sector participation
    • steps for obtaining of all necessary environmental permits for maintenance or upgrade interventions on the facilities, if any upgrades required
    • legislative procedures required to initiate abandonment or mothballing of an underground gas storage facility
    • preparation of draft legislative acts to implement above scenarios
  • Scatec
    • due diligence of a number of solar power projects (in pre-construction phase) for the purpose of further acquisition and construction of solar power plants in Ukraine with total capacity portfolio of 181 MW
    • legal support for the acquisitions and development of the projects
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  • 2009 - Advocate (Attorney-at-Law) Certificate, Kyiv City Qualification Disciplinary Bar Commission, Ukraine
  • 2006 - LL.M., Taras Shevchenko Kyiv University, Ukraine
  • 2005 - LL.B., Taras Shevcheno Kyiv University, Ukraine
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