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CMS Dawn Raid Assistant

The CMS App designed to assist your Business in the Event of a Dawn Raid

Introducing the CMS Dawn Raid Assistant

As dawn raids are being more and more common these days with authorities imposing huge fines, inspectors appearing simultaneously at different locations or subsidiaries in different countries, at different companies (competitors, customers, suppliers), the CMS Antitrust, Competition and Trade Group is launching the CMS Dawn Raid Assistant to guide you through the essentials in the event of a dawn raid carried out by competition authorities. We updated the CMS dawn raid package consisting of a checklist, instructions and guidelines across 27 CMS countries and combined these in our new responsive web application which can be always at hand. You can now access the CMS Dawn Raid application from your mobile and desktop devices making the app more convenient than ever. Just bookmark to your favorites, or direct to your mobile home screen. In combination with a new, specially developed alert feature to contact CMS dawn raid lawyers at the touch of a button, you can feel secure knowing that we are there for you.


Basic version – available to all users
  • Emergency button: direct call or email to the local dawn raid team in your selected country local dawn raid team
  • Checklist: for your in-house Compliance/Legal team with basic rules on how to organize and run the in-house dawn raid team in the event of a dawn raid, available in local language for 27 CMS countries and in English
  • Instructions: for your receptionists, available in the local language for 27 CMS countries and in English
  • Lawyers: list of local CMS competition dawn raid lawyers, complete with contact information and ability to set and contact your preferred lawyer
Premium version – only available for account holders
  • Guidelines: for 27 CMS countries on your obligations and rights during a dawn raid by the national competition authority or the European Commission, available in English and the local language.


  • Immediate and real-time assistance during the dawn raid via your smart phone
  • Simple and easy to follow instructions which you can refer to and check off during a dawn raid
  • Instant access to our dawn raid experts in 27 CMS countries to receive immediate advice
  • Tailored guidelines for 27 CMS countries, using straightforward terms and wording*
  • Content available in your local language**

*Only available for account holders
**The app navigation is currently in English only, updates to come very soon

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