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Corporate Investigations & Forensics in South Africa Brochure

Our introduction

23 June 2020


Fraud, theft, corruption, money laundering and cybercrime are amongst the key commercial crime risks with which organisations globally are faced. Knowing that you have experienced and pragmatic advisers on your side in managing these risks is the first step towards successfully addressing such risks.

The financial and reputational consequences arising from incidents of commercial crime can be quite severe. Successfully managing commercial crime risks requires a holistic approach which focusses on being proactive and not merely reactive in addressing such risks in order to curb such consequences.

Our Corporate Investigations and Forensics team has the requisite depth of knowledge, expertise and experience to assist organisations in managing all commercial crime risks. Our broad range of expertise will assist organisations in developing and/or strengthening bespoke compliance programmes aimed at managing commercial crime risk, navigating the applicable regulatory environment as well as assisting organisations with managing commercial crime incidents effectively.

Whatever your needs, we will bring our knowledge, expertise and experience to bear, analysing the issues quickly and effectively, drawing on our deep understanding of all types of commercial crime to find the optimal solution at the right cost. We always measure our success by how well we work with you, and the difference we make to you and your business.

Corporate Investigations & Forensics Brochure


Portrait of Zaakir Mohamed
Zaakir Mohamed