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CMS Restructuring and Insolvency in Europe Newsletter | Spring 2011


We are pleased to present this winter edition of the CMS Restructuring and Insolvency in Europe Newsletter. We aim to give information on topical issues in insolvency and restructuring law in countries in which CMS offices are located.

This edition looks at:

  • Bulgaria – Amendments to the Bulgarian Commerce Act
  • France – The French “sauvegarde financière accélérée”
  • Germany – Draft law to facilitate the restructuring of companies (diskE-esug) – much ado about nothing?
  • Hungary – Implementation of the London rules
  • Italy – Voidness of intercompany bank guarantees issued in favour of the insolvent company
  • The Netherlands – Subordination of shareholder loans
  • Poland – Amendments to the Bankruptcy and Rehabilitation Law
  • Romania – Romanian Insolvency Law amendments
  • Russia – Changes to Russian Insolvency Law
  • United Kingdom – The global restructuring marketplace and administration expenses: an English view

For further information please contact any of the contributors to this newsletter or your usual contact at CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre.

CMS Restructuring and Insolvency in Europe | Spring 2011


Portrait of Alexandre Bastos
Alexandre Bastos
Daniel Carton