Hek­je­Mel­roy B.V.

Hekjemelroy B.V. has been declared bankrupt (in staat van faillissement) by the court of first instance of Amsterdam on 5 November 2015. Christian Klooster has been appointed as trustee in the bankruptcy of Hekjemelroy B.V.

Information regarding the bankruptcy of Hekjemelroy B.V. will be provided by the trustee in two ways: 1) by notices and 2) by issuing public bankruptcy reports.

Both the notices and the bankruptcy reports will be made available on this website.

If you would like to receive an email alert when a new notice or public bankruptcy report is published on the website, kindly use the 'subsribe' button below. If you would like to file a claim in the bankruptcy of the company Hekjemelroy B.V., kindly use the 'submit claim' button below.