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Wij zijn gespecialiseerd in advisering ten aanzien van commerciële contracten die binnen de energiesector gehanteerd worden, zoals leveringsovereenkomsten van gas, elektriciteit en warmte en aansluit- en transportovereenkomsten.

Daarnaast adviseren wij ten aanzien van de (internationale) handel in gas, elektriciteit en emissierechten, waarbij onder meer gedacht kan worden aan advisering ten aanzien van EFET, ISDA en IETA overeenkomsten, projecten onder het Clean Development Mechanisme (CDM) of de vergunningplicht voor de handel in commodity derivatives onder de Wet op het financieel toezicht (Wft).

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March 2019
Ener­gy Stor­a­ge
560340htt­ps://me­dia.cms­legal.com/me­dia/em­bed?uni­que_key=aa2d1867c0956518566fceb3d3f8d003&width=720&height=405&au­to­play=fal­se&au­to­lights­off=fal­se&loop=fal­se&clean1al­waysez­no­de://502218It is re­cog­ni­sed that flexi­bi­li­ty in the elec­tri­ci­ty sy­s­tem will be­co­me in­cre­a­sin­gly va­lu­a­ble in the co­ming ye­ars as the wi­der ener­gy tran­si­ti­on, in­clu­ding the gre­a­ter pe­ne­tra­ti­on of in­ter­mit­tent, dis­tri­bu­ted ge­ne­ra­ti­on and mo­re pro­ac­ti­ve con­su­mers, across the world pro­gres­ses.In the last few ye­ars, ener­gy stor­a­ge has co­me to the fo­re as a key sec­tor in pro­vi­ding such flexi­bi­li­ty. The com­mer­ci­a­li­sa­ti­on and wi­de sca­le de­ploy­ment of ener­gy stor­a­ge see­ks to ta­ke ad­van­ta­ge of the ran­ge of re­ve­nue streams avai­la­ble to ener­gy stor­a­ge pro­jects, such as re­ser­ve, sy­s­tem ser­vi­ces and ba­lan­cing. The­re are a va­ri­e­ty of bu­si­ness mo­dels that cre­a­te op­por­tu­ni­ties for in­ves­tors, fun­ders, ge­ne­ra­tors and de­vel­o­pers, in­clu­ding co-lo­ca­ti­on and be­hind-the-me­ter / Stor­a­ge-as-a-Ser­vi­ce (SaaS).Ne­vert­he­less, the­re remain ju­ris­dic­ti­on-spe­ci­fic chal­len­ges to the full-sca­le rol­lout of ener­gy stor­a­ge, in par­ti­cu­lar around the fu­tu­re pre­dic­ta­bi­li­ty of re­ve­nue streams and the wi­der re­gu­la­to­ry re­gime and the ex­tent of mer­chant risk that in­ves­tors can ac­cept.The ener­gy stor­a­ge sec­tor will con­ti­nue to evol­ve with in­cre­a­sing op­por­tu­ni­ties in al­ter­na­ti­ve stor­a­ge tech­no­lo­gies to li­thi­um-ion bat­te­ries and pum­ped hy­dro, such as Com­pres­sed Air Ener­gy Stor­a­ge (CAES) and hy­dro­gen.This re­port is one of four sup­ple­ments, ex­pan­ding on the fin­dings of our 2018 Con­nec­ted Fu­tu­re re­port and our 2017 CMS In­fra­struc­tu­re In­dex. The 2019 In­fra­struc­tu­re In­dex will be avai­la­ble at the end of 2019.
April 2020
CMS Ener­gy Glo­bal Bro­chu­re
The ener­gy sec­tor is used to chan­ge, but has ne­ver fa­ced gre­a­ter chan­ge than it does to­dayThe big­gest me­di­um and long-term is­sue of our ti­me is how to meet our ener­gy needs in a way that sustains the fu­tu­re of the pla­net, whi­le al­so sustai­ning the sec­tor itself, which is so es­sen­ti­al to our so­ci­e­ty.With over 450 la­wy­ers, the CMS Ener­gy and Cli­ma­te Chan­ge prac­ti­ce is one of the world’s lar­gest. We pro­vi­de cru­ci­al ad­vi­ce to govern­ments and bu­si­nes­ses as they en­ga­ge with the chal­len­ge of cli­ma­te chan­ge and  sha­pe their res­pon­ses to it.Sin­ce the 1980s we ha­ve led the way in de­sig­ning and im­ple­men­ting mo­dern ener­gy mar­kets around the world. We ha­ve al­so hel­ped to gui­de the re­ne­wa­bles sec­tor at eve­ry sta­ge of its de­vel­op­ment, from the ear­liest wind farms to so­lar PV, flo­a­ting off­sho­re wind, ener­gy stor­a­ge and elec­tric ve­hi­cle in­fra­struc­tu­re. Ma­ny of our clients re­qui­re spe­ci­a­list legal ad­vi­sers at­t­uned to glo­bal ge­o­po­li­tics, eco­no­mics and re­gu­la­ti­on. Our  in­vol­ve­ment goes far be­yond straightfor­ward po­wer ex­per­ti­se, as we help them na­vi­ga­te in­cre­a­sin­gly in­ter­lin­ked is­sues such as tech­no­lo­gi­cal dis­rup­ti­on, ur­ba­ni­sa­ti­on, so­ci­al con­cerns and po­li­ti­cal agendas. We en­su­re that the jigsaw pie­ces of the over­all ener­gy and cli­ma­te chan­ge puzz­le are not loo­ked at in iso­la­ti­on, whe­ther we are ad­vi­sing on cli­ma­te chan­ge stra­te­gy or new tech­no­lo­gy, oil & gas ex­plo­ra­ti­on or ener­gy ef­fi­ci­en­cy, pro­ject fi­nan­ce or M&A, ener­gy dis­pu­tes or re­gu­la­ti­on.Un­li­ke so­me sec­tors, whe­re ma­tu­ri­ty has brought ex­ten­si­ve standar­di­sa­ti­on and com­mo­di­ti­sa­ti­on, the ener­gy sec­tor is see­ing an in­crea­se in new ap­pro­a­ches and prac­ti­ces. We work with bu­si­nes­ses at eve­ry sta­ge of the ener­gy li­fe­cy­cle, as well as with re­gu­la­tors and govern­ments, to help them un­der­stand how the­se new de­vel­op­ments can se­cu­re not on­ly their com­mer­ci­al or po­li­ti­cal aims but al­so our col­lec­ti­ve fu­tu­re.


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