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Zonder gebruik van vastgoed geen rendement. De exploitatievorm van het vastgoed is bepalend voor de waarde van het vastgoed. Maar het soort gebruik is ook van invloed op de duurzaamheid van het vastgoed. En voor elke vorm van exploitatie gelden andere juridische en fiscale regels. Zowel voor de exploitant van het vastgoed als degene die eigenaar is van het vastgoed. Daarom is het van belang dat de zaken rondom de exploitatie goed geregeld zijn. Onze vastgoedspecialisten beschikken over de juiste kennis en ervaring om u daarin te adviseren.

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CMS Eu­ro­pean Re­al Es­ta­te Deal Point Stu­dy 2018
The Eu­ro­pean in­vest­ment mar­ket on­ce again had a very strong year. At EUR 234 bn, to­tal in­vest­ment vo­lu­me was on­ly 3% be­low the re­cord le­vel seen in 2015. This fi­gu­re al­so re­pre­sents an in­crea­se of 7% year-on-year.In ad­di­ti­on to the on­go­ing lack of al­ter­na­ti­ve in­vest­ment op­por­tu­ni­ties, along with fa­vou­ra­ble fi­nan­cing con­di­ti­ons, the po­si­ti­ve eco­no­mic en­vi­ron­ment in Eu­ro­pe was the pri­ma­ry rea­son be­hind the high de­mand for re­al es­ta­te in­vest­ment. Fal­ling un­em­ploy­ment fi­gu­res, buoy­ant con­su­mer sen­ti­ment and ri­sing GDP boosted con­fi­den­ce in 2017, par­ti­cu­lar­ly among in­ter­na­ti­o­nal in­ves­tors, and dro­ve up their in­vest­ment ac­ti­vi­ty. Des­pi­te the un­cer­tain out­co­me of the on­go­ing EU exit ne­go­ti­a­ti­ons, the UK al­so remai­ned at­trac­ti­ve for in­ves­tors. Li­mi­ted sup­ply ac­ted as a con­s­traint, howe­ver. The re­sul­ting fur­ther in­crea­se in re­al es­ta­te pri­ces has led to his­to­ri­cally low yields in so­me ca­ses. Ra­ther than cau­sing in­ves­tors to aban­don the re­al es­ta­te mar­ket, the fo­cus has swit­ched to spe­ci­a­list pro­per­ties which of­fer hig­her yields than tra­di­ti­o­nal of­fi­ce and re­tail as­sets. In par­ti­cu­lar, he­al­th­ca­re fa­ci­li­ties, ho­tels and stu­dent apart­ments ha­ve all co­me to the fo­re. The exis­ting ex­cess de­mand al­so trig­ge­red a sig­ni­fi­cant ri­se in the num­ber of trans­ac­ti­ons in­vol­ving de­vel­op­ment pro­jects.The con­sis­tent­ly po­si­ti­ve trend has con­ti­nued in 2018. The la­test fi­gu­res from the first half of the year sup­port the view that des­pi­te the tra­de dis­pu­te with the US and a pos­si­ble end to low in­te­rest ra­tes, a down­turn in the Eu­ro­pean in­vest­ment mar­ket is un­li­ke­ly this year. The con­fi­den­ce of in­ves­tors in re­al es­ta­te as an in­vest­ment remains in­tact.The new CMS Eu­ro­pean Re­al Es­ta­te Deal Point Stu­dy 2018 now in­clu­des mo­re than 1,300 trans­ac­ti­ons. Com­pi­ling the stu­dy in­vol­ved com­pa­ring the trans­ac­ti­ons on which we ad­vi­sed in the pe­ri­od 2010 to 2017, ena­bling us to high­light de­vel­op­ments and trends.Down­load the exe­cu­ti­ve sum­ma­ry or re­quest a co­py of the full stu­dy be­low.360px360pxhtt­ps://form.jot­form.com/82764088995982 al­ways
Nov 2018
Con­nec­ted Fu­tu­re
560340htt­ps://me­dia.cms­legal.com/me­dia/em­bed?key=a8d8553d4185acef53d102b90db01f48&uni­que_key=8885df075a330c452b818560c155d609&width=720&height=405&au­to­play=fal­se&au­to­lights­off=fal­se&loop=fal­se&clean1al­waysez­no­de://499625Kri­sty Du­a­ne - Con­nec­ted Fu­tu­reez­no­de://469975Tech­no­lo­gy-dri­ven trans­for­ma­ti­ons are not on­ly dis­rup­ting our eve­ry­day li­ves but are al­so ra­di­cally trans­for­ming the in­fra­struc­tu­re sec­tor. On the one hand, in­no­va­ti­on is dri­ving an up­gra­de of exis­ting in­fra­struc­tu­re, such as di­gi­tal; on the other hand, it is de­ter­mi­ning the emer­gen­ce of new as­set clas­ses li­ke char­ging points for elec­tric ve­hi­cles.The star­ting point of our jour­ney will be di­gi­tal, which is pro­vi­ding the back­bo­ne for di­gi­ta­li­sa­ti­on of the eco­no­my. Whi­le 4G – the fourth ge­ne­ra­ti­on of mo­bi­le pho­ne tech­no­lo­gy – has al­rea­dy wit­nes­sed ro­bust deal flow, the ad­vent of 5G is set to lay the foun­da­ti­ons for a hu­ge ran­ge of in­no­va­ti­on.Mo­ving to ener­gy, stor­a­ge tech­no­lo­gies, par­ti­cu­lar­ly bat­te­ries, are pro­vi­ding a wi­de ran­ge of flexi­ble ser­vi­ces re­qui­red in our in­cre­a­sin­gly de­cen­tra­li­sed, dis­tri­bu­ted and in­ter­mit­tent elec­tri­ci­ty sys­tems.Me­an­w­hi­le in the trans­port sec­tor, long held as a cor­nersto­ne of in­fra­struc­tu­re in­vest­ment, the smart mo­bi­li­ty re­vo­lu­ti­on ga­thers pa­ce. The ri­se of elec­tri­fied, con­nec­ted and au­to­no­mous ve­hi­cles is li­ke­ly to re­pre­sent the most sig­ni­fi­cant trans­for­ma­ti­on of trans­port sin­ce the in­ven­ti­on of steam lo­co­mo­ti­ves and in­ter­nal com­bus­ti­on en­gi­nes in the 19th cen­tu­ry. In­vest­ment in cy­ber se­cu­ri­ty is re­qui­red, as trans­port in­fra­struc­tu­re will be­co­me vul­ne­ra­ble to se­cu­ri­ty at­tacks. As our re­port exa­mi­nes in de­tail, not all coun­tries are re­cep­ti­ve to tech­no­lo­gy in­no­va­ti­ons to the sa­me de­gree, the­re­by of­fe­ring fe­wer op­por­tu­ni­ties. In Eu­ro­pe, the UK is firm­ly se­cu­ring its role as a glo­bal hot­bed of in­fra­struc­tu­re in­no­va­ti­on, thanks to its for­ward-loo­king re­gu­la­to­ry fra­me­work. Whi­le in Asia, Singapo­re is al­rea­dy be­co­ming a tes­ting ground for new tech­no­lo­gies, gi­ven its thriving start-up eco­sy­s­tem and its con­du­ci­ve le­gis­la­ti­on.me­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­um
April 2020
CMS Re­al Es­ta­te & Con­struc­ti­on Glo­bal Bro­chu­re
As the fifth-lar­gest glo­bal law firm and the lar­gest re­al es­ta­te team in Eu­ro­pe with mo­re than 800 de­di­ca­ted la­wy­ers, CMS com­bi­nes lo­cal know­led­ge with in­ter­na­ti­o­nal strength and ex­pe­rien­ce. Our in­te­gra­ted teams of­fer you the best com­mer­ci­al guid­an­ce for high­ly com­plex, stra­te­gic in­ward in­vest­ment trans­ac­ti­ons in­to ma­jor Eu­ro­pean ga­te­way ci­ties and be­yond. CMS is al­so well-es­ta­blis­hed in Af­ri­ca, Chi­na, South Ame­ri­ca, the Midd­le East and Asia. We ad­vi­se on the full ran­ge of re­al es­ta­te ser­vi­ces, in­clu­ding fi­nan­cing, struc­tu­ring, as­set ma­na­ge­ment, tax, cor­po­ra­te-wrap­ped and di­rect in­vest­ments. We pro­vi­de the full ran­ge of de­vel­op­ment ad­vi­ce with sup­port from our spe­ci­a­list plan­ning, en­vi­ron­ment and con­struc­ti­on teams.


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