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Cornelius Brandi herbenoemd als Executive Chairman CMS


Tijdens de CMS partners meeting in Parijs (eind juni 2015) is Cornelius Brandi herbenoemd als Executive Chairman van CMS.

Cornelius Brandi is voor de tweede termijn van 4 jaar benoemd:

“Over the years, CMS has achieved a dominant position in transactional work. Our excellent 2014 financial results, with a year-on-year revenue increase of 11%, reflect this. The results show that we have substantially increased our market share in jurisdictions we want to be in. Additionally, the level and quality of mandates that we receive have continually improved. CMS is on the right track." The fact that partners have re-elected the incumbent chairman is an indication that they support the general direction that CMS is going in. Cornelius Brandi vervolgt: "I am delighted to have been chosen for a second term as Chairman and look forward to the challenges and developments of the next four years."

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