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European Inward Investment Guide


Investment across a number of jurisdictions is increasingly a way of life for business today. This comparative guide provides a simple checklist to standard questions raised by clients looking to invest in European jurisdictions. It focuses on 26 jurisdictions in Europe and enables a simple comparison between each jurisdiction.

The market for formation of companies in the European Economic Area (EEA) has been liberalised as a result of the 2003 landmark judgement of the European Court of Justice in the Inspire Art case. This case laid down the rule of law that, subject only to exceptional caes, EEA jurisdictions could not impose extra conditions (such as minimum share capital) on ´foreign´ EEA incorporated companies over and above those applying in its country of incorporation. This means that companies may freely form a legal entity in one EEA member state to do business in another. This publication may assist the selection process for the most suitable jurisdiction.

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Paulus van den Bos
P. Huber
C. Guyot
D. Spassova
G. Famira
R. Kotlaba
M. Mendelssohn
A. Charvériat
Th. Meyding
G. Ormai
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