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CMS, 中国谈《中华人民共和国外商投资法实施条例》


On 15 May 2020, German Chamber of Commerce in China held a webinar on the topic "Implementing Regulations of the PRC Foreign Investment Law: What to Know and What to Do". Dr. Ulrike Glueck, Managing Partner and Head of Corporate Practice Area Group of CMS, China was invited to give a speech and to share insights on the topic.

Dr. Sigrid Winkler, Executive Chamber Manager at German Chamber of Commerce in China was the moderator of the webinar and gave opening remarks.

Dr. Ulrike Glueck introduced the key content of the new regulations and the main changes brought by the new Foreign Investment Law and its Implementing Regulations. She further analyzed the impact on companies and shared the recent developments due to impact of COVID-19. Dr. Glueck also answered questions raised at the webinar and shared her views.

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