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CMS promotes 48 to partner in 2017 global promotio...
The Pensions Ombudsman resolves hundreds of cases every year whic...
CMS launches CEE Real Estate Investment Compass 2017
2016’s record-breaking EUR 12. 2bn investment in the real estate sector in the CEE region is likely to be surpassed in 2017 – this is according to the CEE Real Estate Investment Compass 2017 published by CMS in cooperation with Colliers International.
6 April 2017
CMS launches the CEE Real Estate Investment Compas...
Romania liberalises domestic gas market
As of 1 April 2017, the price of gas sold by domestic producers in Romania will be determined as a result of free market supply and demand factors, as decided by the Romanian government last year in Emergency Ordinance no.
16 March 2017
CMS strengthens its German capability in Central a...
We have collaborated with the Legatum Institute Special Trade Com...
Do robots have rights? The European Parliament addresses artifici...
Background A lively discussion is currently under way in the business world regarding possible applications of intelligent IT systems and autonomous machines and equipment. Rapid technical development in these areas has spurred the imagination of users.
9 March 2017
CMS tops M&A rankings in CEE again
Europe: Pre-tender engagements under new Public Procurement Direc...
Directive 2014/24/EU on public procurement (the “Directive”) allows contracting authorities to engage in pre-tender market consultations in order to: (i) identify potential bidders and solutions; (ii) build awareness and capacity in the market about the requirements.
Emerging Europe M&A Report 2016/17
Reforming the gambling sector in Romania: What’s next?
Recently, the Romanian government and the National Office for Gambling have adopted various pieces of secondary legislation to implement the new gambling rules that entered into force on 26 February 2016.
25 January 2017
M&A market in Central-Eastern Europe boasts its hi...
UK and Asian investors increasingly active in the...
On the road to autonomous vehicles
Connected and autonomous vehicle (“CAV”) technologies are set to have a profound social and economic impact worldwide and continue to accumulate a great weight of expectation. Advocates argue that CAV technologies will improve road safety, ease congestion and.