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Draft list of li­cen­ce re­qui­re­ments pu­blis­hed for re­mo­te gam­bling ope­ra­tors...
27 oktober 2020
CMS Ex­pert Gui­de on sexu­al ha­rass­ment in the work­pla­ce
Are you loo­king for in­for­ma­ti­on on sexu­al ha­rass­ment in the work­pla­ce? This CMS Ex­pert Gui­de pro­vi­des you with eve­ry­thing you need to know.
29 oktober 2020
Ont­bijt­we­bi­nar | Ze­ker­he­den in koop­over­een­kom­sten
Graag no­di­gen wij u, uw col­le­ga's en an­de­re ge­ïn­te­res­seer­den uit om deel te ne­men aan het we­bi­nar: 
28 oktober 2020
New EPO Gui­de­li­nes ex­pec­ted re­gar­ding amen­ding a de­scrip­ti­on: what’s all...
Sum­ma­ry The EPO re­qui­re­ment to amend the de­scrip­ti­on to con­form with al­lo­wed claims is chan­ging sig­ni­fi­cantly. Exa­mi­ners ha­ve al­rea­dy been gi­ven in­ter­nal guid­an­ce and re­vi­si­ons to the EPO Gui­de­li­nes...
22 oktober 2020
CMS lan­ceert da­ta­lek-app
07 oktober 2020
CMS Ex­pert Gui­de to the pri­va­te pla­ce­ment of equi­ty se­cu­ri­ties
29 oktober 2020
The im­pli­ca­ti­ons of Brexit for the In­su­ran­ce sec­tor
The chan­ces of a no-deal Brexit are be­co­ming mo­re li­ke­ly eve­ry day. This could ha­ve a hu­ge im­pact on the in­su­ran­ce sec­tor, due to the le­vel of re­gu­la­ti­on and in­ter­con­nec­ti­on bet­ween the UK and the EU fi­nan­ci­al sys­tems. 
27 oktober 2020
CO­VID-19: Ex­ten­si­on of the slot al­lo­ca­ti­on wai­ver in fa­vour of air­li­nes...
The CO­VID-19 out­break has had a con­si­de­ra­ble im­pact on the avi­a­ti­on sec­tor and has led to a sharp drop in air traf­fic world­wi­de sin­ce the be­gin­ning of 2020 as a re­sult of re­stric­ti­ve me­a­su­res ta­ken by...
The EU Taxo­no­my Re­gu­la­ti­on: ap­pli­ca­ti­on & im­pli­ca­ti­ons
21 september 2020
CMS Ex­pert Gui­de to Dis­mis­sals
The aim of this gui­de is to ex­plain exis­ting sys­tems of com­pen­sa­ti­on for fair and un­fair dis­mis­sal in va­rious ju­ris­dic­ti­ons in EU, LA­TAM and Asia
05 november 2020
Ar­beids­rech­te­lij­ke tips in tij­den van Co­ro­na
In dit we­bi­nar be­spre­ken we on­der an­de­re: 
23 oktober 2020
The EU FDI Re­gu­la­ti­on be­co­mes ful­ly ap­pli­ca­ble
The EU FDI Re­gu­la­ti­on, which ca­me in­to for­ce in April 2019, in­tro­du­ces a fra­me­work for scree­ning FDI in­to the EU. It is not a se­pa­ra­te new scree­ning tool at EU le­vel, but a fra­me­work for coo­p­e­ra­ti­on and...