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Having served Israeli clients and international businesses with operations or investments in the country for over 25 years, CMS formalised its Israeli offering by opening a Tel Aviv office in 2021. Our Tel Aviv office provides a focal point for inbound and outbound Israeli-related work. CMS acts for a fast-growing number of Israel’s largest and most prominent businesses, with CMS Tel Aviv providing easy Hebrew-speaking access to CMS’s 5,000 lawyers across 75 countries.

Our Tel Aviv office also offers our non-Israeli clients support in engaging with all Israel has to offer in a range of dynamic industries, with a particular emphasis on the tech and energy sectors. In Israel, CMS deploys its usual quality and sector strength to work with local institutions, investors and professionals in delivering client goals, adding Israel to the growing list of countries in which CMS offers coordinated multijurisdictional advice on international transactions and cross-border litigation matters.

CMS Tel Aviv plays an integral part in the firm’s Middle East offering, particularly following 2020’s Abraham Accords, which has led to CMS advising Israeli businesses in a range of Middle East countries.

If you would like to discuss our services, please get in touch with CMS Tel Aviv managing partner, Louis Glass.

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CMS Israel LLP
34th Floor, North Tower
Ha’arba’a Towers
28 Ha’arba’a Street
Tel Aviv 6473926
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