Popular investment vehicles in South Africa
Updated on February 2024 Investment vehicle Limited PartnershipReal Estate Investment Trust (REIT)Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) 1. Form Limited Partnership Contractual Real Estate Investment...
New Draft Regulations on the Proposed Numerical Sectoral Targets
On 1 February 2024, a second round of draft regulations on the Proposed Numerical Sectoral Targets ("February 2024 Regulations") were published for public comment in the Government Gazette. The February...
CMS Expert Guide to Mastering OECD's Pillar Two in South Africa
1.Has there been a formal indication of the intention to implement Pillar Two/GloBE rules? Yes. 2. What is the implementation status of Pillar Two/GloBE rules? Not yet initiated. 3. Have your tax authorities...
Anti-Bribery and Corruption Laws in South Africa
This course has been prepared to help employees understand what whistleblowing is and how whistleblowers are protected.
Beyond inconvenience: poor infrastructure is hurting SA's ability to attract...
You don’t have to be an expert on urban infrastructure to know that South Africa could be doing a much better job than it currently is.Weeks after a deadly gas explosion wreaked havoc in the Johannesburg...
Some parents will no longer be more equal than others
Background South African employment law has often led the charge on encompassing our Constitution and giving effect to our Bill of Rights. In October 2023, further and significant strides were made in...
CMS Corporate / M&A Global Brochure
Navigating for success | Your business is our business Our premier practices in Europe’s powerhouse jurisdictions consistently handle the largest volume of M&A deals, engaging highly qualified teams across geographies in a seamless collaboration saving our clients time and money. This is why we do more deals in Europe than any other firm.Our unique combination of deep local expertise and unparalleled global perspective empowers us to put together highly experienced, agile, cross-de­part­ment­al teams to handle the largest mul­tijur­is­dic­tion­al M&A transactions for the benefit of our market-leading clients. This is why our clients love us.CMS has engaged in building strong sector focuses for many years, before most of our competitors realised the importance of doing so. We are now a global leader in corporate work in many key economic sectors such as Energy and Climate Change, Hospitality & Leisure, Private Equity, TMC, Insurance, Consumer and Retail, Infrastructure and Projects, Life Sciences and Healthcare, where we act for many of the world’s leading public and private companies, financial institutions and funds. This is why clients from all business sectors keep coming back to us.Changing the face of law with our unusually strong focus on innovation and creativity, we believe in an open, next-gen mind-set, skill in listening and bold commitment to new and innovative ways of working for the benefit of our clients and of our people. This is why we are fu­ture-fa­cing.Down­load our report below & learn more about our deals!
Using Forensic Due Diligence as an effective tool to combat fraud and corruption...
During the past decade, the South African public has witnessed an unprecedented enquiry (facilitated by the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture (the Zondo Commission)) into how certain key decision...
Digital health apps and telemedicine in South Africa
Digital Health Apps/Software 1. How is the software within digital health apps classified in your jurisdiction, and what regulation(s) apply? 1.1 Is it considered a “medical device” or a “product”...
What’s the deal with title deeds? Everything homeowners need to know
If you’ve ever bought a property, you’ll also have received a title deed (which your bank or home loan provider will hold onto until the home is fully paid off). And even if you haven’t had that...
How continuous development contributes to good mental health and productivity
Chances are you have seen a fair number of articles over the years arguing that businesses must continuously develop their employees’ skill sets. Typically, these articles point out that in a time of...